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Member of the following socio-professional associations:



·        International Sociological Association (Madrid)

·        World Association for Public Opinion Research (Lincoln)

·        American Sociological Association (Washington DC)

·        American Statistical Association (Baltimore)

·        American Association for Public Opinion Research (Ann Arbor)

·        British Sociological Association (Durham)

·        Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association (Montreal)

·        Australian Sociology Association (St. Lucia)

·        Polish Association of African Studies (Warsaw)

·        Portuguese Association of Sociology (Lisbon)

·        Center of African Studies of the ISCTE (Lisbon)

·        Academic Association "África Debate" (Lisbon)

·        Angolan Society of Sociology (Luanda)

·        Association of Anthropologists and Sociologists of Angola (Luanda)

·        Union of Angolan Journalists (Luanda)

·        Association of Angolan Journalists (Luanda)

He was director of Ngola – Revista de Estudos Sociais (Luanda, Angola) - 1996-1997